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The Home Based Candle Business Our 3 boys are the driving force behind our successful Scentsy business. The Home Based Candle Business opportunity has changed our lives. Esther has been able to be a stay at home mom with our youngest son and is home when our other two little boys leave and return from school. Financially, there are many months we would not have made it without Scentsy. Whether you are looking to earn a part-time or full-time income, we have the perfect home candle business opportunity and proven system to help you be successful as a Scentsy Consultant. There is little risk to sell and test drive the Scentsy Consultant opportunity. A consultant’s first party often times covers the entire initial cost to sell. Join as a consultant and you will receive a sell focused starter kit, which includes a consultant handbook covering our selling policies and procedures, promotional products and buy and sell marketing materials such as catalogs, brochures, business cards and party invitations. Your starter kit also includes free Scentsy products for party demonstrations. Your products set will also include the entire current collection of fragrance testers. After you Join Scentsy, we also provide you with your own marketing web site and online back office. The website is free for the first three months and just $10 per month thereafter. This is an amazing tool for both marketing your home based Candle Business and to sell with online orders. Join to sell our products and you also get your own Scentsy Consultant coach (that’s us) to help you stay on track and help you build and grow your home based Candle Business. Start YOUR Scentsy Business Today! People are starting their Scentsy business all around the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Puerto Rico. Consultants join our team because we will personally teach you how to be a successful Scentsy Consultant, selling wickless candles and safe candle alternatives, by building a profitable home candle business, from the comfort of your own home! We are Esther and Matt Hartsky and we are consultant SuperStar directors and sales award winners with Scentsy Candles. When you Join to become a promoter of Scentsy Warmers on our successful team, you will be setting yourself up for success! We provide you all the support and answers you need right from the start. We reached the Director level of Scentsy Consultants quickly and we can show you how to enjoy the same success. Whether you would like to earn a little financial relief for your family, leave your job to be a stay at home mom with your kids, or join us to earn free Consultant trips to destinations like Hawaii or Disney World, we can help you get there. You will love being a Scentsy Consultant as much as we do! Sell Scentsy Products with our Full Support! Sell Scentsy Candles on our successful consultant team for unparalleled support. Have you tried to join other direct selling opportunities, with little or no success? If so, we encourage you to please spend some time looking at our web site, learn about what makes Selling Scentsy as a Candle Business a different opportunity, and consider joining our team. We are real people, Consultant Directors who are following a simple, proven plan, and are teaching our success strategies to consultants. Join Scentsy on our team for $99 and you will join the Wickless revolution. We have a complete training and support system available for all our consultants which is 100% free. Join to work from home, enjoy flexible hours, and make great money selling quality Scentsy Fragrance products! “The Scentsy Business is not complex – Scentsy is not a get rich quick scheme. It is an opportunity for Consultants to follow a simple plan, be themselves, and run a successful business.” – Orville Thompson, Scentsy CEO Please don't hesitate to call or write! Esther<!--endbody-->